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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. What if I need a shorter edge?

The ASO edge can be shortened with a knife to cut the sensor and a hack saw to cut the mounting channel. You will need a new end cap to terminate the cut end of the edge.


Q. What is the recommended solution for a wireless edge transmitter and receiver?

There are three compatible devices listed on HySecurity’s and Nice’s UL325 file, and all work equally well. The latest list of recommended and compatible devices are available at this link:HySecurity Recommended Sensors. We recommend avoiding wireless edge systems in applications where radio frequency traffic is high such as police and fire stations, municipal buildings, airports, and defense installations.

Q. Do I need anything else to connect an edge to a HySecurity or Nice gate operator?

To complete the installation on HySecurity products, a wired edge needs to be connected to an Hy2NC converter. This converts the 10kΩ monitored sensor to normally closed monitoring. Alternatively a GEM 104 from Miller Edge does the same thing. To complete the installation on a Nice product a similar converter is needed. The GEM 103 from Miller Edge is recommended.


Q. Will these edges work with older installations, such as before the 2016 UL 325 revision?

For installations that require a normally open contact rather than the 10kΩ resister termination, an alternative end cap is available.