Important Software Release (h4.60, h5.60, v3.04)

by HySecurity
The latest software release for bringing HySecurity gate operators into compliance with UL 325 7th Edition requirements - as effective August 1, 2018 - is now available.

Operators Affected:

All HySecurity gate operators.

Issue: The latest software release for HySecurity gate operators is now available. Download code you need from the HySecurity website:

• h4.60 for Smart Touch Controllers (STC) hydraulic operators
• h5.60 for Smart DC Controllers (SDC) electro-mechanical
• v3.04 for S.T.A.R.T.

Latest Updates Include:

All Operators

  • Build Year 3 (By 3) - Previously, Build Year (BY) menu options were: 0 – Not Set, 1 – pre-2016, and 2 – post Jan 1, 2016. In support of the new UL 325 7th Ed changes, BY3 option has been added. All operators built after 07/31/2018 with 1832 build dates (see image) and beyond are factory set to Build Year 3 (BY3). For slide gate operators, in addition to the built-in manufacturer supplied entrapment sensor (Type A), UL 325 7th Ed requires at least two monitored external entrapment sensors, with one protecting the open direction and the other protecting the close direction of gate travel. Additional external entrapment sensors may be needed to protect other entrapment zones that exist.
    build year 3
  • History Log Improvements - History Log now records specific sensor input number when an activated external entrapment sensor detects an obstruction and prevents gate motion.
  • WedgeSmart Break Away (BA) Option - WedgeSmart now monitors and records the arm bracket breakaway switch.

Technical Support

For technical support, call your installer or authorized HySecurity distributor. Obtain the serial number of your gate operator before calling. For the name of a distributor near you, contact HySecurity at 800-321-9947. For additional information, refer to the HySecurity website.

When you access the HySecurity website and log in using your registered email and password. Locate the software release by clicking: TechSupport Resources → Operator Software → Operator Software Downloads

For UL 325 Standard of Safety information about installation of monitored external entrapment protection sensors, click the following link: UL 325.