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UL 325 Gate Safety Requirements

At Nice | HySecurity, the safety of the installer community and end-users is a top priority. The UL 325 7th Edition safety standards, effective August 1, 2018, dictate that monitoring of existing entrapment protection sensors (e.g. Photo Eyes, Edge Sensors) is required for all automated gate operators manufactured after January 11, 2016.

As a gate operator manufacturer, residential, commercial, industrial, and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) operators are built using the most current UL specifications and guidelines, which indicate one of the following three methods must be implemented to be in compliance:

  • Normally Closed
  • Pulse/Frequency Detection
  • Resistance Detection

Gate operators are required to test all connected entrapment sensors at least once per cycle using one of these methods.

Nice | HySecurity operators use different monitoring methods depending on the model or control board. Consult operator manuals for precise details.

Key Information for Installers:

  • Automated slide gates require a minimum of two external entrapment protection sensors — one in each direction of travel. Other sensors may also be required.
  • Automated swing gates require a minimum of two external entrapment protection sensors, one in each direction, unless there is no risk of entrapment in one direction. Other sensors may also be required.
  • Sensors can be contact (i.e. Edge Sensors) or non-contact (i.e. Photo Eyes).
  • Sensors must be approved for use with the installed gate operator, typically outlined in the gate operator manual.
  • UL 325 sets the minimum standard of safety; installers must verify that installation sites comply with ASTM F2200 (e.g. site surveys, usage class, gate types, etc.).
  • It is the installer's responsibility to assess a gate installation for entrapment risks and install all appropriate external entrapment protection sensors to address all potential entrapment zones.

Slide Gate Entrapment Zones

Swing Gate Entrapment Zones

Note: Gate operators will not automatically cycle the gate unless the controller receives indication that the minimum number of external entrapment protection sensors are connected and operational.

Nice | HySecurity operators include high-quality, reliable sensors to simplify compliance. For more information, such as FAQs, approved sensors, important safety information, and how to be UL 325 compliant with Nice | HySecurity, visit the Safety Support Page.

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