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UL 325 FAQ

UL 325 7th Edition Standard for Safety
Frequently Asked Questions about the 7th Edition of UL 325 - effective for gate operators manufactured after August 1, 2018
Q1: Where can I go to get a basic understanding of UL 325 and its history?
Q2: How is UL 325 7th Edition different from UL 325 6th Edition?
Q3: What is the minimum number of external entrapment protection sensors (combination of photo eyes and edge sensors) required in a typical automated gate installation?
Q4: Explain what monitoring is
Q5: How does an operator monitor an external sensor?
Q6: How many monitored external sensors can I connect to a Nice or HySecurity operator?
Q7: Since an edge sensor is a normally open (NO) contact, how is it possible to monitor this?
Q8: Why does HySecurity recommend hard wiring an edge sensor and avoiding use of a wireless edge transmitter?
Q9: I normally install edges sensors on the leading and trailing end of a sliding gate. Isn’t that the best way to protect against entrapment?
Q10: What happens if one of the external Entrapment Protection Sensors becomes disconnected or fails in a Nice or HySecurity gate operator?
Q11: What devices have been tested for use with Nice or HySecurity gate operators?
Q12: Can any UL Recognized or ETL Listed sensor be installed with any UL or ETL Listed gate operator?
Q13: Does Nice/HySecurity recommend a specific brand of edge sensor?
Q14: Does HySecurity recommend a specific type of edge sensor on a swing gate?
Q15: What other key changes were made to the 7th Edition UL 325, effective 8/1/2018?
Q16: If an older HySecurity Smart Touch or Smart DC board requires replacement, do I need to change the installation to comply with the UL 325 - 2018 standard? If an older Nice 936 or 1050 Controller requires replacement, do I need to change the installation to comply with the UL 325-2018 standard?
Q17: Do gate operators manufactured prior to August 1st, 2018 require Monitored Entrapment Protection Sensors?
Q18: Can I update an older Nice or HySecurity operator to meet the new 2018 UL 325 standard?
Q19: What UL 325 inspired changes may impact my external sensor choices?
Q20: What I can do to assure more reliable photo eye performance and less false tripping?
Q21: If I add monitored entrapment protection sensors and download a software update from HySecurity into an older HySecurity gate operator, won’t that force me to update to comply with UL 325 – 2018?
Q22: Can I use a new Edge sensor (with a resistor) on an older gate operator without a monitoring circuit?

For more information, view the following Installer webinar.

UL 325 7th Edition Training Webinar
UL 325 7th Edition Installer, Distributor and End User training. Learn how to ensure that your gate installation meets the new gate safety standard, how to keep your customers safe, and limit your company liability. Specifics on how HySecurity gate operators help you easily conform to the standard.