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Parking Garage
New Mexico, USA

WedgeSmart DC
Installed by: Gate-IT Access Systems,Jul 2016
Bernalillo, NM
Installer Specializations: Specializing in residential, commercial, industrial and government automated gate projects.
Tell us about your company: Gate-It Access Systems is owned by Albuquerque native Aaron Dixon. Aaron has been in the automatic gate industry since 1997 and formed Gate-It in 2005. Headquartered in Bernalillo NM, Gate-It serves the whole state of New Mexico and is the only service-oriented company with a complete state of the art fabrication facility.
Site remarks: Gate-It Access Systems uses only the highest quality equipment from the top names in the business like HySecurity. We carefully match gate operators with new installation requirements and use them as upgrades or replacements in existing installations.
Why was this operator chosen: Customer wanted a secure parking wedge operator that would last and require little maintenance.
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