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Nice | HySecurity logoSmartCNX™ Controller simplifies installation

Common to SwingSmart and SlideSmart CNX, our Next Generation operators

SmartCNX brings together the best of two terrific brands. We’ve joined the advanced features of Smart DC, BlueBUS and OXI technology to create a best of class controller

SmartCNX Controller SmartCNX logo
  • SmartCNX™ installer smartphone app for full control from your phone
  • Bluetooth connection to smart phones
  • Intuitive to use
  • Full control of operator settings
  • HyNet™ Technology provides remote management capabilities
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Software upgrades
  • Settings and configuration
  • Intelligent inputs take pulsed or 10K resistive sensors
  • BlueBUS input
  • Extended history event log
  • 5 Programmable digital inputs for sensors, detectors or other access controls
  • Dedicated inputs for dual gate and sequence gates
  • Toolless wire terminals
  • 3 programmable relay outputs
  • 4 Hy5B™ 2.0 vehicle detector slots
  • USB port for software and data exchange
  • Compatible with Nice OXI receiver