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Why Hydraulic Gate Operators?

With over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing hydraulic powered gate operators, HySecurity has been the premium provider (manufacturer) of extremely reliable and secure, industrial strength gate operators.

Hydraulic pump packWhy hydraulics?
Hydraulics take advantage of an effective and efficient method of power amplification to produce infinitely variable rotary or linear motion control. A small control effort results in a large, smooth, vibration-free power output providing precise control of load rate, position and magnitude. Basically, a small amount of hydraulic pressure produces a significantly larger force.
In addition to power amplification, HySecurity hydraulic gate operators utilize less than a gallon of high viscosity index, low toxicity hydraulic fluid capable of operating in a broad temp range, -40°F to 158°F.  Hydraulic fluid helps to cool and lubricate the various components of the hydraulic system contributing to extended component life and gate operator reliability.
Ultimately, HySecurity hydraulic powered gate operators are simple to install, maintain and troubleshoot ensuring many years of reliable, secure automated vehicular gate operation.

Hydraulic gate operators are typically used on sites which require one or more of the following:
    •  high reliability
    •  high security
    •  the need to cycle very heavy, hard to move gates