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Tap into HySecurity Gate Operator Intelligence

The HyNet™ Gateway provides intelligent perimeter control with real time connection to HySecurity operators. HyNet communicates operator status via the built-in web interface, Web Services API or SNMP.
  • Easily integrate your gate with Security Platform for complete perimeter security, including breach and loiter events.
  • Receive critical gate system operational conditions through text, email or SNMP Traps from HySecurity Smart Touch and Smart DC gate operator intelligence.
  • Respond appropriately to events and alerts intelligently, quickly, and in real time. Be confident that your response is suitable to the situation.
  • Get real time parking counts in multiple categories

How does HyNet™ Gateway Integrate the ACP?

Communicate ACP status - Examples

ACP Security (sensors)
  • Tailgating - extremely sensitive tailgate detection with Nice/HySecurity proprietary vehicle detector
  • Vehicle loitering - Indicating possible breach condition
  • Gate forced open - Operator detects un-commanded gate cycle
ACP Health (may also impact security)
  • Loop failing - before failure - proprietary vehicle detector benefit
  • Stuck gate - hardware
  • Low power - power fluctuation
ACP Operation (may also impact security)
  • Photo Eyes - out of adjustment
  • Gate hit an obstruction (vehicle, object in gate pathway)
  • Accessory preventing gate cycle

Sent in Real Time
to Enterprise Security Platform/Security Responders