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SlideDriver 200-C UPS

SlideDriver 200-C UPS
Corrections, UPS backup
The Uninterruptible DC Power Supply provides up to 2,000 ft of gate travel after AC power loss.* Available in single phase only: Low voltage: 115V 60/50Hz (requires 30A branch circuit) or High voltage: 208-230V 60/50Hz (requires 15A branch circuit). Be certain to order the correct HyCharger DC™ voltage model as chargers are not field convertible. Operator comes standard with all the software and additional control wiring needed to interface with the many options and interlocks commonly used at correctional facilities. Includes XtremeDrive™ System.
Listed and restricted to UL 325 usage class III, IV.
Note: See Options & Accessories for lock options. XtremeDrive™ System requires HySecurity XtremeDrive™ rack and a drive rail. Operator price includes 52 ft (16 m) of rack, but no drive rail.

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