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SlideSmart HD25

SlideSmart HD25
Heavy duty, 2,500 lb, 1 ft/s, 450 pull force
Heavy duty HD25 cycles up to 2,500 lb/50 ft gate (1,134 kg/15 m). Open/Close speed set independently, choose 0.75, 1 or 1.25 ft/s (23, 30 or 38 cm/s)* Robust zinc rich primer and black powder coated steel chassis and cover. Pad or post mount. **Speed setting cannot be configured to exceed 1 ft/s for Class I and II usage.
Note: Operator price includes 30 ft (9 m) of #40, corrosion resistant roller chain and two steel gate mounting brackets. Includes one premium EMX IRB-MON photo eye and one 5-foot premium ASO edge sensor (and a pre-wired Hy2NC adapter).

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