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Grow your business with

Grow your business with


Installation COMPANIES “own” the program

Owner decides who participates and
how much to reward their employees

SecureRewards!™ is your silent but influential business partner. It trains and retains staff at no cost to you. It rewards them for what they already do, and for what you want to accomplish. The incentives are big – from tickets to a football playoff game to an 82 inch TV.


Every Operator You Register Earns Rewards

Preferred Tier

Register 5 Operators
per year

  • 25% NicePoint operator booster
  • 1 waived rush fee*
  • 1 no-fault RMA*

25% NicePoint operator booster, 1 waived rush fee*, 1 no-fault RMA*


Select Tier

Register 10 Operators
per year

  • Includes Preferred, plus:
  • +20% NicePoint operator booster
  • +1 waived rush fee*
  • +1 no-fault RMA*
  • 2 RPS scholarships**
  • Discounted onsite support

Includes Preferred, plus: +20% NicePoint operator booster, +1 waived rush fee*, +1 no-fault RMA*, 2 RPS scholarships**, Discounted onsite support.


Premier Tier

Register 40 Operators
per year

  • Includes Select, plus:
  • +1 waived rush fee*
  • +1 no-fault RMA*
  • +2 RPS scholarships**
  • Free design consultation

Includes Select, plus: +1 waived rush fee*, +1 no-fault RMA*, +2 RPS scholarships**, Free design consultation.


*Limit $1000 value per RMA or expedited fee, does not apply to shipping and other expenses, subject to availability. **Limit $150 value per registration scholarship, subject to availability. Each company must select a program administrator and register at least ONE HySecurity or Nice operator to redeem NicePoints™. Member level accrues NicePoints at base value.


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