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M30 & M50 Installation-Authorization Seminar

Learn how to install StrongArm M30/M50 with confidence and ease. If you have an interest in becoming a StrongArm M30/M50 (ASTM F2656 Crash Rated) Nice/HySecurity authorized fortified crash barrier installer, site planner, or specifications writer, this session is for you. The hands-on class presents unique aspects of the StrongArm M30 and StrongArm M50 and covers site planning, initial programming, site use, maintenance and troubleshooting. The class will increase your competence and efficiency at working with Nice/HySecurity's unique and exciting crash products.

Who is qualified to become an Authorized Installer?

Gate, fencing or perimeter security dealers with some level of experience installing Crash Rated gate operators and familiarity with Nice/HySecurity products

Appropriate credit worthiness to purchase, install, and support the product line

Must carry $2 million of Liability Insurance coverage

How to become a Nice/HySecurity Authorized Installer

Attend Nice/HySecurity Crash Installation-Authorization Seminar

Attend Regional Product Seminar within the past 3 years*
HySecurity Crash Training Complete the Fortified Crash Barrier Application

HySecurity Crash Agreement Complete the Fortified Crash Barrier Agreement

Provide a copy of your Liability Insurance Certificate

*Prerequisite to attend Crash Authorization Seminar

StrongArm M30