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Nice/HySecurity Regional Product Seminar Course Descriptions

Hands-On Training:

Smart Touch & Smart DC Operators
StrongArmPark DCWelcome to the HySecurity product family! This class introduces the extensive selection of hydraulic and DC operated slide, swing, lift, barrier, and fortified barrier gate operators available at HySecurity and presents an overview of their sophisticated software and high-performing hydraulic or DC operations.

Common Parts & Functions
In this class, you receive a detailed overview of the HySecurity gate operator’s component parts and their functions. Proper terminology, hydraulic pump & motor interaction, braking components, pressure gauges, solenoids, IES sensors, electronic boards and software functionality provide an in depth look at the design and compatibility of HySecurity products.

Smart Touch and S.T.A.R.T.
The Smart Touch Controller (STC) and Smart DC Controller (SDC) are the brains behind the mechanisms that make our gate operators go. This hands-on class lets you interact with highly-sophisticated software and understand how easy it is to set up an operator, quickly connect and program accessory devices. Using the S.T.A.R.T. (Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool) you discover the superior diagnostic capabilities of HySecurity operators and how easy access through a laptop lets you program multiple operators in a few simple steps.

Hydraulic & Mechanical Drive Power
StrongArmLooking at the innards of what constitutes the hydraulic components and understanding how they operate is the basis of this power point presentation & hands-on class. After you have the workings of hydraulics down, you will delve into HySecurity’s electro-mechanical DC operators and examine similarities and differences between each, including solar applications.

Loops & Detectors
When electricity is sent through a coil, it creates an inductive field. Really? What’s THAT you ask? Such questions will be answered through this informative class about vehicle loop design. You will learn the rules about loop layout and stability, proper vehicle detectors and sensitivity and discuss correct site design and gate operator installation.

Wire Sizing
“The longer the wire run, the larger the wire gauge needs to be!” These fun facts to know and tell are brought to you courtesy of the Engineering Department at HySecurity and are critical to site design and planning. It is here we revisit Ohm’s law, learn about voltage drop, and discover why the proper power supplied to a motor is significant. It’s not a joke, if you’re working with and maintaining AC power equipment; these facts are pertinent to your successful business.

Gate Design / SlideDriver Installation
Smart Touch ControllerYou will find the slide gate “how to” of site design & installation in this informative class. SlideDriver installation features include: foundation prep, gate type consideration, base riser & conduit placement, operator shipment, drive rail installation, limit ramp adjustment, peripheral connections, incoming power considerations, and safety.

Gate Safety
Regulations, whether we like it or not, govern our lives. It is the same in the fence and gate industry. ASTM F2200, UL 325 and ASTM F 2656-15 provide industry standards that help ensure gate safety compliance. This class highlights the UL 325-2016 standards and presents references for further study. This class highlights the UL 325-2016 standards and presents references for further study.

Hands-On Training:

The SlideDriver hands-on class revisits aspects discussed in the classroom with the availability to touch and troubleshoot various facets of a working operator.

SwingSmart DC& SlideSmart DC& StrongArmPark DC
HySecurity’s DC operators provide superior performance in times when AC power is lost or at sites where AC power may not be unavailable. This hands-on class revisits the DC components and features that make these Residential and Commercial gate and barrier arm operators simple and affordable to operate and maintain.

SlideDriver50VF2/3 & SwingRiser(Factory training only)
In this hands-on class, a ½ hour is devoted to reviewing each operator, its component parts, special field considerations, and high level troubleshooting.

StrongArm(Factory training only)
Barrier arms provide a wide range of attributes, from simple barrier gates for parking lot ingress/egress to large scale fortified and sequenced barriers used to protect critical infrastructure assets. HySecurity has the operators that handle both types of scenarios. In this hands-on class, the StrongArm components are highlighted and braking mechanisms discussed.

HyNet Gateway SFP 4/1
The HyNet hands-on class will walk you through the process of assigning TCP/IP addresses, user accounts and configuring the HyNet to send alerts, faults, and errors from your gate operators via email or text messaging  

Troubleshooting Basics 
The end user calls and states, “the operator doesn’t work!” How do you go about diagnosing the problem? This hands-on class gives you the opportunity to demonstrate. We’ll put the theories you’ve learned in the classroom to practical use by analyzing problems and coming up with solutions.

Accessories & Safety
Accessories(also known as peripherals) are the items you attach to the gate and then wire to the gate operator’s STC or SDC board. They include safety devices such as gate edges and photo eyes, access devices, vehicle loops, and radio controls. Other site requirements may include locks or a master/slave set up. All these types of devices and scenarios require power to function. This hands-on class discusses the resources needed to meet the operator’s and your site’s requirements. An in-depth discussion on UL325-2016 changes especially with respect to monitored entrapment protection and best practices of gate system design.