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Featured and Recent Webinars

SlideSmart CNX and SwingSmart CNX

Featured 1/8/2020

Learn all about our new SmartCNX gate operator.

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Detecting Vehicles – Learn the Art & Science

Featured 12/6/2017

Learn everything there is to know about loops and vehicle detectors in these bite-sized trainings.

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Webinar Archive

Get the most out of the SmartCNX relay outputs


Learn the differences between mechanical and solid state relays, using the HySecurity relay function library, and how to program relays using the SmartCNX phone app.

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Find out more about the exciting new features of the updated MBAR/LBAR.

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How to replace a Smart Touch Controller in the field


Join Daniel Butler as he demonstrates how to replace a Smart Touch Controller in the field.

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New UL325 Edition: All You Need to Know


A new edition of UL 325 becomes effective August 1. Nice/HySecurity has you covered with a training on what changes and what stays the same.

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Our Spec Team Helps You


Find out how installers use Nice/HySecurity spec machine to sell more operators.

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Announcing the SlideSmart DC HD


Join product manager John Allen for a brief introduction to the newest member of the SmartDC Family.

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Give yourself THE EDGE


Join us as we demonstrate these highly engineered, simple and rugged edge sensors.

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Using Entrapment Sensors with Nice Boards


Join Frank Pooley as he shows how easy it is to use monitored entrapment sensors with Nice 936 and 1050 control boards.

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TITAN12L and the 936 Control board


Join us as we walk through an installation of a TITAN12L with 936 control board.

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Eliminate ACP Vulnerability with HyNet


Learn how HyNet finally secures and integrates your biggest perimeter security vulnerability.

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Ask A Tech - Programmable Relays


Learn how to wire in a strobe, answer your programmable relay questions and more!

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Connect sensors and accessories


Learn how easy it is to connect safety devices to a SmartTouch or Smart DC operator.  

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Secrets of the Smart DC™ and SmartTouch™ Controllers


Discover unique and powerful HySecurity controller advantages.   

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TITAN12L and the 936: Simplify your Installs


Learn how to quickly configure the Nice TITAN 12L Linear Actuator and it’s simple and easy to program 936 controls.

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What’s new with StrongArmPark DC?


Dive into StrongArmPark DC - traffic control, parking and revenue control battery backed up, smooth cycling, barrier arm.

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Vehicle detectors: Are they all the same?


Find out why the Hy5A is Nice/HySecurity’s bestselling accessory. Also learn about Hy5B, our new vehicle detector.  

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Intro to Nice/Apollo linear actuators


Learn the 1500, Titan and 1724 LA series sales, installation and end user benefits. When to use the control boards, and more.  

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