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Vehicle Detector School

The Hy5B is the most advanced inductive loop detector ever created for use with an automated gate. Together with one of HySecurity’s gate operators, it offers installers a powerful set of tools for solving pesky problems, taking the guesswork out of installing and setting up loops and detectors. The videos in this library cover a variety of topics on the design and use of inductive loop vehicle detector systems and the application of HySecurity’s Hy5B vehicle detector.

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About the Host


Allen Jacobs, Vice President of Engineering for Diablo Controls, shares how to use the capabilities of the new Hy5B detector for better performance and faster problem solving. Allen spent his career designing and deploying inductive loop vehicle detectors and he was the chief engineer in the development of the Hy5A and now the Hy5B too. Filmed during a technical training event at HySecurity in 2017, Allen does an excellent job in translating the highly technical design into information anyone can use.


Introduction to Hy5B™


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