The future of smart, connected gate automation

CNX, the future of smart, connected gate automation


We've joined the best of Nice and HySecurity to build the Best in Class commercial swing and slide gate operators.

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  • Intelligent inputs take pulsed or 10K resistive sensors
  • BlueBUS input
  • Extended history event log
  • 5 programmable digital inputs for sensors, detectors, or other access controls
  • Dedicated inputs for dual gate and sequenced gates
  • Toolless wire terminals
  • 3 programmable relay outputs
  • 4 Hy5B™ vehicle detector slots
  • USB port for software updates and log files
  • Nice OXI receiver


SmartCNX Controller

The SmartCNX Controller combines decades of HySecurity experience with innovative technology in an intuitive, familiar interface. It features a bright OLED display for visibility in full daylight.

I/O Expansion Board

Provides 8 additional relay outputs and 8 additional digital inputs to cover the needs of the most complex installations.





  • Solid state non-contact limit sensors
  • Super quiet, super reliable direct drive gear train
  • Locking covers prevents tampering and theft
  • Covers are injection molded from high impact, fade resistant resin
  • Tight fitting covers seal out rain and deters rodents and small pests
  • Front cover access for service needs
  • Two 8Ah batteries for up to 300 cycles on power loss. Optional upgrade to 35Ah batteries for solar applications.
  • 5 year warranty / 7 year single-family




  • Integrated HyNet™ Technology provides remote management capabilities
  • Remotely monitor the gate operator
  • Remotely manage operator settings
  • Control your HySecurity operator from your Security Platform
  • Remotely update software to your operator
  • Troubleshoot gate errors and faults
  • Check cycle count
  • Automatic notication of alerts and faults


S.T.A.R.T. CNX Installer Smartphone App

  • Bluetooth connection to smartphones
  • Intuitive to use
  • Full control of operator settings

SwingSmart CNX and SlideSmart CNX are not DIY products and require professional installation.