SlideSmart DC

Chain drive slide gate operator for commercial applications.

Designed to integrate easily with other HySecurity products for a complete gate automation solution, the SlideSmart DC features digital control for the utmost versatility.


Battery backup provides up to 4,000 ft of travel. Upgrade batteries for up to 25,000 ft


Over 70 user configurable settings to meet site specific requirements


Efficient and low power for off-grid applications


Monitor battery conditions and maximize life with the intelligent charging system
SlideSmart DC Callout
  1. Easy programming with 32 character display on LCD screen
  2. Highly configurable with 70+ field adjustable settings on the Smart DC Controller
  3. Polyethylene pad base plate protects chassis against rust and corrosion
  4. Safety cover protects users from pinch points in drive
  5. Heavy duty chassis is low flex and corrosion resistant

Technical Specifications

Complete technical specifications can be found on our SlideSmart DC product spec sheet.

Install solar and save money.

Homeowners who install an automated gate opener may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit for a portion of the installed system cost.

Solar Credit
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* Speed setting cannot be configured to exceed 1 ft/s for Usage Class I and II.