Advanced controller for custom residential applications.

Offering the most options for gate configuration, the 1050 Controller enables functionality and customization not found in other residential controllers.


Full-featured controller with more than 100 option settings


7-day programmable timer

Smooth Operation

Adjustable soft open and close points

Solar Ready

Built-in solar regulator and charger
1050 Callout
  1. Nice BlueBUS 2-wire technology self-identifies monitored photo eyes​
  2. Supports BlueBUS, 300Hz Pulse and 10K resistive monitored entrapment devices​
  3. Supports Inti or Era One remotes with rolling-code security
  4. Oview programmer port​
  5. Dual gate sync​
  6. Full-featured controller with over 100 option settings
  7. 2 programmable inputs and 2 programmable relay outputs
  8. 2-line LCD display for detailed user feedback​
  9. Internal 7-day programmable timer
  10. Perfect for AC or Solar applications with built-in solar regulator, charger, and smart battery charging management

Products powered by 1050.

1050 can be configured to operate these products.

  • Pad or post-mount slide gate opener with 1050 Controller.
    Slide Gate
  • Linear Actuator for remote properties with best-in-class solar performance.
    Swing Gate
  • Linear Actuator for single or dual gates using AC or solar power.
    Swing Gate
  • Powerful, low-profile and super quiet swing gate opener with the Mercury 310 Controller.
    Swing Gate
  • Secure solutions for any application.

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Technical Specifications

Complete technical specifications can be found on our 1050 product spec sheet.

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