SwingSmart DC

Pad-mount swing gate operator for commercial applications.

Designed to integrate easily with other HySecurity products for a complete gate automation solution, the SwingSmart DC features digital control for the utmost versatility.


Cast steel housing and oval telescoping universal arm designed for safety and easy installation


Keep gates moving after power loss up to 300 cycles with standard batteries and 1,200 cycles with extended batteries


Field programmable to specific site requirements


Optional HyNet™ enables real-time system security alerts
SwingSmart DC Callout
  1. Patented manual override and torque limiting clamp
  2. Universal cast steel arm with integral protection from pinch points
  3. Easy programming with 32 character display on LCD screen
  4. Configure gate with 70+ field adjustable settings on the Smart DC Controller
  5. Key-locked, fade resistant, roto-molded cover is easy to remove

Smart Vehicle Detection.

Hy5B™ integrates with the Smart Touch controller to offer unique control and monitoring features in an inductive vehicle detector. It has automatic sensitivity control and onboard diagnostics for trouble free service.

Hy5B Detector

Technical Specifications

Complete technical specifications can be found on our SwingSmart DC product spec sheet.

Install solar and save money.

Homeowners who install an automated gate opener may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit for a portion of the installed system cost.

Solar Credit
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* The actual number of gate cycles available from battery depends upon gate resistance to travel, cycle length, battery size, state of charge and health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of gate cycles during power outage.