Pad or post-mount slide gate opener with 1050 Controller.

The 7251/7351 slide gate opener combines durability, reliability and convenience to move gates up to 800lbs. The powerful 1050 Controller works perfect in either solar or AC installations.

Low Maintenance

Easy to install and maintain


Move gates up to 800 pounds and 25 feet


AC or Solar power options


12V DC battery powered
7251/7351 Callout
  1. Flexible, post or pad-mount allows more installation options
  2. Advanced 1050 controller – feature-rich for the most comprehensive configurations
  3. Easy to install chain drive with convenient access to limit adjustments
  4. Large cabinet provides enough space for large backup batteries in solar installations

High-end residential control with advanced functionality.

Offering the most options for gate configuration, the 1050 Controller enables functionality and customization not found in other residential controllers.

1050 Controller

Technical Specifications

The Nice 7000 series of slide gate openers provide two methods of installation. With either a post or pad-mount installation and an all-in-one design, these gate opener provide installation flexibility and will move your gate with ease and confidence.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our 7251/7351 product spec sheet.

Install solar and save money.

Homeowners who install an automated gate opener may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit for a portion of the installed system cost.

Solar Credit
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* Actual battery backed up cycles will depend on gate resistance to travel, cycle length, battery health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of gate cycles during power outage.