Mercury 310

Entry-level controller built for simple setup with powerful features.

Featuring redundant internal safety functions, full UL 325 compliance is simplified. By automating many setup steps, the Mercury 310 ensures accurate configurations.


Easy to understand and set controller parameters


UL 325 Type C force limiting mitigates the need for external safety devices*

Solar Ready

Integrated battery charge controller with MPP Optimizes battery charging from a wide variety of solar panels


Very low standby power maximizes battery life and prominent Battery Health LED warns of potential battery problems
Mercury 310 Callout
  1. Built-in UL 325 Type C entrapment protection
  2. Simple to setup controller parameters – no programing needed
  3. Solar ready with integrated battery charger and MPP
  4. One-step firmware update process
  5. Very low standby current maximized battery life in solar installations

Products powered by Mercury 310.

Mercury 310 can be configured to operate these products.

  • Linear Actuator for remote properties with best-in-class solar performance.
    Swing Gate
  • Linear Actuator for single or dual gates using AC or solar power.
    Swing Gate
  • Secure solutions for any application.

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Technical Specifications

Complete technical specifications can be found on our Mercury 310 product spec sheet.

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* Nice | HySecurity is committed to safe, smart gate automation and recommends the use of external safety devices when possible for maximum protection.