StrongArmPark DC

Barrier arm gate operator for parking facilities and traffic control.

High capacity barrier gate offers parking operators and site managers maximum throughput with minimal downtime.


Quick and easy installation and low maintenance


Arm breaks away when struck to minimize damage to gate and vehicle alike


Standard UPS battery backup feature allows continuous duty after AC power loss up to 1000 cycles


Easy to configure numerous functions including parking specific options
StrongArmPark DC Callout
  1. High visibility LED lighting increases safety
  2. Reflective red/white stripe tape
  3. Resilient bumper reduces potential injury or vehicle damage
  4. Configure gate with 70+ field adjustable settings on the Smart DC Controller
  5. Easy programming with 32 character display on LCD screen
  6. UPS: Two standard 12V 8Ah AGM batteries

Technical Specifications

Select the arm length and speed thats right for each application. Solar option provides traffic control even off the grid.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our StrongArmPark DC product spec sheet.

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