Bollards M30/M50

Protected and accessible.

Crash-rated fixed bollards protect people, public spaces, and property from undesired contact with vehicles, whether accidental or deliberate.


Architects and designers have options including a variety of finishes, lighting designs, and foundations


Shallow mount bollards when working around buried utilities, deep mount bollards for the smallest footprint


Removable bollards allow occasional vehicle traffic without sacrificing security


Fixed bollards protect buildings and equipment while adding to the overall aesthetic of the facility
Bollards M30/M50 Deep Callout

Deep Foundation

  1. M30 and M50 models​
  2. Smaller footprint​
  3. Flexible foundation design​
  4. Cost effective where depth not restricted
Bollards M30/M50 Shallow Callout

Shallow Mount

  1. M30 and M50 models​
  2. Faster installation​
  3. Avoids underground utilities
  4. Sits above groundwater​
Lighted Bollards

Lighting Options

Attractive lighting options are available in selection of styles, fitting any design objective. Choose your light aperture, lens, and light warmth to enhance your facility's architecture.

Technical Specifications

Fixed bollards offer both shallow and deep foundations, multiple lighting options, and a variety of finishing, including two different stainless steel covers.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our Bollards M30/M50 product spec sheet.

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* Engineered - No crash testing performed; speed rating assigned per technical specifications; penetration rating undetermined.