Apollo Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator for remote properties with best-in-class solar performance.

Built for performance, the Apollo has best-in-class solar capabilities, an AC option, multiple controller options, and a corrosion resistant mechanism that provides the exact features required.

Low Maintenance

Easy to install and maintain

Weight and Length Limit

Move gate leafs up to 600 pounds and 16 feet


AC or Solar power options


Independent, field-adjustable open and close speeds available on 1550 and 1551 models
Apollo Linear Actuator Callout
  1. Multiple controller options including advanced 1050 controller to cover the widest range of installations
  2. Corrosion resistant acme screw mechanism with multiple-decades track record of reliability
  3. Large cabinet provides enough space for large backup batteries in solar installations
  4. Strain relief removes stress on cables during gate installation and operation

Install solar and save money.

Homeowners who install an automated gate opener may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit for a portion of the installed system cost.

Solar Credit

Technical Specifications

Available as a complete system, the Apollo linear actuator is supported by three different controllers for a variety of uses. From basic to full featured, these controllers provide features for every user. Apollo openers can be configured for either single or dual gates and support a wide variety of accessories that enhance the user's experience.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our Apollo Linear Actuator product spec sheet.

Simple UL 325 Compliance.

Mercury 310, the newest Nice residential controller, is available for purchase in bundles with an AC transformer or Solar option.

Mercury 310 Controller
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* Actual battery backed up cycles will depend on gate resistance to travel, cycle length, battery health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of gate cycles during power outage.