SlideSmart HD

Chain drive slide gate operator that's all business.

Designed for heavy usage and large gates, SlideSmart HD delivers by using a post mountable steel chassis that rides above accumulating snow and prevents pests from nesting inside.


Post mount or pad mound all steel rodent resistant enclosure


Standard battery backup to keep gates moving* up to 100 cycles, with battery upgrades for up to 600 cycles


Over 70 user configurable settings to meet site specific requirements


Locking steel cover keeps out the elements and minimizes tampering
SlideSmart HD Callout
  1. Smart DC control board
  2. Rodent resistant heavy duty enclosure
  3. Battery backup
  4. Removable plates for conduit
  5. Side post mount
  6. Optional 1HP motor
  7. Lower gear ratio

Technical Specifications

Find the right model for your application. SlideSmart HD offers a range of weight and speed ratings.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our SlideSmart HD product spec sheet.

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* Speed setting cannot be configured to exceed 1 ft/s for Usage Class I and II.