StrongSlide M30

Industry’s longest crash tested clear opening.

The first crash-rated slide gate in the HySecurity StrongSlide family.

Crash Rated

Stops a 15,000 pound truck moving at 30mph with zero penetration

Easy Operation

Light weight vehicle arrestor design for long service life


Decades long life and low maintenance


Protected by industry leading 5 year warranty

Technical Specifications

Complete technical specifications can be found on our StrongSlide M30 product spec sheet.

Designed with StrongArm® M30 and SlideDriver™ DNA.

The StrongSlide M30 uses similar materials and design for the vehicle arrestor as the proven StrongArm M30. As the premium slide gate operator in the industry, StrongSlide is operated exclusively by SlideDriver to provide reliability commensurate with the needs of an HVM slide gate.

StrongSlide M30 Callout
  1. Smart Touch Controller keypad and display
  2. Configure gate with 70+ field adjustable settings on the Smart Touch Controller
  3. Industrial grade components ensure low maintenance and long life
  4. 12 gauge steel chassis protects all moving parts and controls from vandalism
  5. Contains only one gallon of hydraulic fluid
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