Smart Touch

Durable and configurable industrial controller.

With varying operational, safety, and security needs, every installation is unique. The Smart Touch controller easily meets each distinct job head-on flexibility, simplicity, and programability.


Native primary and secondary interface simplifies dual gate, sequenced gates, and sally port applications.


Four Hy5B ports for vehicle detection and advanced loop diagnostics.


START app for Windows offers robust tools to configure and maintain controller.


Available HyNet Gateway provides Ethernet connection for remote monitoring, management, and maintenance.
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  1. RS232 and RS485 ports for machine-to-machine communications​
  2. Four Hy5B vehicle detector ports provide detailed diagnostics​
  3. Three user configurable relays with dozens of preprogrammed functions​
  4. 32 Character OLED display is visible in full daylight and provides easy menu navigation and diagnostics​
  5. Configure over RS232 using S.T.A.R.T. PC app
  6. Easy Primary/Secondary connections for dual gate and sequenced gate

Products powered by Smart Touch.

Smart Touch can be configured to operate these products.

Remote monitoring, management, and maintenance.

HyNet™ Gateway offers connectivity by Ethernet or fiberoptic cable for real time monitoring of security threats and gate operations.

HyNet Gateway

Technical Specifications

Complete technical specifications can be found on our Smart Touch product spec sheet.

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