Reliable, low maintenance multi-lane traffic control.

Industrial grade barrier arm for multilane traffic control.


Raise barrier arms up to 36 ft long for broad vehicle access points


Raise arm in as little as 2 seconds (depending on length) to keep traffic flowing


Rotates 90° to fully open arms up to 28 ft., allowing tall vehicles free access


UPS models remain functional during a power outage
StrongArm Callout
  1. Secure uni-body welded chassis constructed with rigid 10 gauge sheet metal
  2. Industrial grade components ensure extremely low maintenance and exceptionally long life
  3. Contains only one gallon of high performance hydraulic fluid
  4. Configure gate with 70+ field adjustable settings on the Smart Touch Controller
  5. Side or center yoke mount and counterweights for long arms

Smart Vehicle Detection.

Hy5B™ integrates with the Smart Touch controller to offer unique control and monitoring features in an inductive vehicle detector. It has automatic sensitivity control and onboard diagnostics for trouble free service.

Hy5B Detector

Technical Specifications

StrongArm models are available in arm lengths from 10 ft to 36 ft for controlling multiple types of traffic, from passenger vehicles to oversize freight. Hydraulic design provides decades of reliable performance.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our StrongArm product spec sheet.

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* The operator’s normal duty cycle and the actual number of arm cycles available from battery depends upon arm length/weight, battery size, state of charge and health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of arm cycles during power outage.  
** Arms 20 ft ( 6 m) or longer require counterweights.  
*** Arms 30 ft (9 m) or longer require cable tensioner and arm stabilizer kit and additional counterweights.  
115V DC Power Supply requires a 30A branch circuit. Choose voltage with care as chargers are not field convertible.