SlideDriver II

Next generation of security, power, and durability.

Meet the next generation SlideDriver

Decades of reliability, now with new features and smart control.

SlideDriver II Callout
SlideDriver II Callout
SlideDriver II Callout
  1. Bluetooth Connectivity
  2. HySecurity Installer App
  3. BlueBus Inputs
  4. Nice OXI Receiver Port
  5. 2-Line Digital OLED Display
  6. Integrated 7-Day Timer
  7. Improved User Interface
  8. 100K Entry Event Log
  1. 5 Programmable Inputs for Sensors or Detectors
  2. Dedicated Inputs For Dual Gate And Sequence Gates
  3. Toolless Wire Terminals
  4. USB Port
  5. Ethernet Port
  6. Integrated HyNet Technology
  7. 4 Hy5B Vehicle Detector Slots
  8. Programmable Relay Outputs
  1. Contactless Solid-State Limits
  2. Digital Pressure Gauge
  3. Adaptive IES Based on Hydraulic Pressure
  4. New Electrical Enclosure
  5. See-Through Lid
  6. SmartTouch 725 Controller
  7. New VFD Models

Installation Simplified.

Easy. Configure everything wirelessly from a smartphone interface.

Smart. More than 70 user settings.

Connected. Bluetooth and integrated HyNet™ Technology.

Capable. Built-in diagnotistics and remote monitoring, management, and maintenance capabilities.

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Models, Options, and Technical Specifications

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Simplified Model Structure
Fewer models with additional features sold as installed options.

SlideDriver II 15


SlideDriver II 40


SlideDriver II 50F


SlideDriver II 80V


SlideDriver II 200V


Factory Installed Options
Available for special order on any SlideDriver II model.

Corrections Upgrade

Heavy gauge steel cover, selection of locking options, and specialized wiring for prisons and detention applications. Comes standard with SmartTouch 720 Option.

Deadbolt Lock Plate

Available with corrections upgrade, provides a mount for customer supplied deadbolt type lock on the cover.

Galvanized Finish

Zinc coated cover and chassis for enhanced corrosion resistance.


Keeps hydraulic fluid and electronics warm to ensure reliable performance up to -40 °F.

Padlock Hasp

Available with corrections upgrade, provides hasp for customer supplied padlock on cover.

Remote Release

Adds cable from wheel lock release to fire box on the public side so emergency personnel can manually open the gate. (Not available on SD200V or SD200DC).

SmartTouch 720 Controller

Controller with disabled Bluetooth (BLE) and Ethernet capabilities for secure locations that prohibit connectivity.

Solenoid Lock

Provides an automatic physical lock through the drive rail for maximum security.

Stainless Steel Chassis

304L stainless cover and chassis for highest level of corrosion resistance for marine environments.


Secures cover and prevents tampering, theft, and vandalism.


Converts rail drive to rack drive for maximum performance in any weather condition.

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Pull heavy gates in harsh conditions with XtremeDrive™

Made from a high-tech engineered polymer, the XtremeDrive rack and drive wheel system requires no lubrication and is virtually indestructible.

XtremeDrive comes standard on SlideDriver II 80V and 200V models and can be purchased as an option on any SlideDriver II operator.

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* 3,000 ft/hr expected duty cycle. The operator’s normal duty cycle and the actual number of gate cycles available from battery depends upon gate resistance to travel, cycle length, battery size, state of charge and health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of gate cycles during power outage.  
** SlideDriver II SD200 UPS has a 2,000 ft/hr (610 m/hr) expected duty cycle. Actual duty cycle depends on site specific conditions and gate configuration.  
*** Refer to Installed Options on pricing for all 50Hz voltages, which are special order.