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Nice | HySecurity is the Gate and Barrier Division of Nice North America, a regional subsidiary of Nice group, an Italian multinational smart home and building automation company headquartered in Oderzo, Italy, with operations in 24 countries.

The group has a wide range of integrated and connected solutions for the automation of gates, garage doors, solar shades, parking, wireless alarm and home security systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) applications. In North America, the company operates throughout the US and Canada with four divisions (Door, Gate, Screen, and Smart Security) and three brands – Nice, abode, and HySecurity – included in its portfolio.

HySecurity was founded in the 1960s with a mission to provide safe, reliable, and secure gate automation solutions. The company found early success with its industrial Hydraulic gate operators, including the industry leading SlideDriver™ model line. The company then expanded its portfolio to include traffic control and introduced StrongArm®, a multi-lane barrier arm that laid the foundation for the future evolution of the company. In 2011 HySecurity developed the StrongArm® M30/M50 crash-rated barrier with a patented dual-arm design that quickly became a leading Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solution for perimeter security applications. The company has since continued to expand its portfolio of perimeter security offerings to become a global leader in the segment. HySecurity became part of the Nice group in 2016.

In 2008 Nice group acquired Apollo Gate Operators and established Nice USA in San Antonio, Texas. Apollo was founded in 1984 and quickly became a trusted brand for gate automation in North America. Known for reliable and simple solar-powered operators, its residential openers are found in applications ranging from farm and ranch to residential communities. In 2018, Nice USA operations were merged with HySecurity in Kent, WA. The Nice gate portfolio was also expanded to include commercial operators, such as the highly popular and jointly branded SmartCNX powered line. The Nice portfolio also includes residential and commercial garage door operators and solutions for blind and awning automation.

Now and in the future, Nice North America will continue evolving to better serve our customers from the perimeter to inside the premises. As a preeminent Smart Home and Building Automation company, customers can expect to see a progression of both brand and product to meet a variety of unique needs.

Here are the organization's offerings by brand.
Residential and Commercial gate, door, and screen automation solutions.
DIY smart security.
Industrial gate operators and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions.