Perimeter Security News
June 2021

Advanced Perimeter Security Made for Commercial Clients

With our fast-paced society clamoring for advanced solutions, how does physical security integrate with modern times?

Answers come through innovations, and these come and go. So, when opportunities present themselves, we challenge what we already know and take a step forward to make a greater impact. And when it comes to gate operators, the Nice | HySecurity SwingSmart™ CNX and SlideSmart™ CNX bring something new to the table.

Gate operators have come a long way and commercial users are seeking newer technologies that provide the tools needed to keep their facilities secure. For the past two decades, technology and digitalization has accelerated rapidly, and people are adept with the use of modern technology. In commercial settings, convenience and digital connectivity add a high value to physical perimeter security solutions.

The Modern Commercial Gate Operator

Different industries have different demands and progress is found where it is needed. Like how smartphones evolved through the years, newer gate operators must meet modern safety, convenience, and accessibility demands. There’s also an increasing expectation that features can be accessed through a smartphone or another digital interface. An ethernet connection alone could bring a multitude of benefits to gate operators and security professionals. Imagine a gate operator connected to a secure corporate network, enabling remote access, diagnostics, and new possibilities beyond merely activating the gate from a local security booth. Security and facilities managers can now manage and monitor security from anywhere, even a smartphone.

Another example is Bluetooth. It can simplify the installation set-up, operation settings and control by providing the ability to view the configuration of a gate operator at a near distance, like inside of one’s vehicle, so users can view an extended log or event history conveniently. This can be augmented further by HyNet™ allowing remote monitoring, management, and troubleshooting by the installer or integrator as well as security and facilities managers. Enabling real-time alerts by sending out notifications to the people connected via text and email messaging would also improve security tremendously. Installers, maintenance staff, and security personnel could be notified immediately for any security issue, such as an obstruction within the gate or if someone is pushing the gate open by force or by accident.

With its contemporary design and built-in connectivity, SmartCNX™ is designed to be the future of modern commercial gate operators with several advanced technology features. Together with HyNet™, they fit seamlessly in areas like HOA’s, multi-dwelling units, schools, public spaces, and for locations that do not require a more hardened physical security plan. The features are reinforced by a more convenient, purposeful design for gates and physical security. If you need assistance with product selection and site layout, we have a dedicated team of Specification Sales Engineers with the expertise to support your project available for consultation.

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