Perimeter Security News
July 2020

Airport Perimeter Security

The topic of perimeter security is nothing new for airports. However, the threats to these sites have changed, causing an evolution in the approach to perimeter security solutions.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Intruders breach U.S. airport fences about every 10 days, May 26, 2016. Incidents where vehicles find their way through and behind the airport’s secure perimeter are becoming all too common and pose a threat to airline passengers as planes take off and land. In the last several years we've seen headlines like these popping up in the news:

For years airports used manual gates, secured only with chains and pad locks, along the fence line for emergency access (to allow first responders to enter the flight line). However, after several recent high-profile perimeter breaches, airports are now looking at how they can harden the access points that dot their perimeters.

Automated and crash-rated barrier arms such as the HySecurity StrongArm® M30 and StrongArm® M50 can easily be added to an existing gate system to provide the protection a vulnerable access point may need. By automating gates that were previously being moved by hand, the airport provides a gate system that prevents someone from driving through the gate and onto the runway. HySecurity gate operators can also provide the real-time security alerts clients expect such as if someone is trying to force the gate open, someone has been loitering over a loop for more than 10 minutes, or the operator needs maintenance.

As airports shift their focus from terminal security to perimeter security, the HySecurity Specification Sales Team is here to guide you through expert and tried solutions. Feel free to reach out with any and all questions you may have about crash-rated barriers and gate automation.

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