Perimeter Security News
August 2020

Have you protected your new building?

After hundreds of hours spent designing a new building to include the architectural, civil, electrical, landscape and interior design, are you ready for it to go to bid?

One of the last items to be considered usually is the physical security of the building or complex. Whether we're talking about critical infrastructure, government buildings, airports, restaurants or even busy sidewalks, the physical security and safety of the people using them is just as important as the fire alarms.

In today’s world, we often think about potential acts of vehicle terrorism without considering vehicle accidents. However, vehicle-into-building incidents happen more than 60 times a day in the U.S. (ABC News). Fortunately, there are safety standards and products available to assist you with ensuring the perimeter of your building is protected.

You already have a lot of things on your plate, do you really need to add one more? Rest assured, HySecurity products have been protecting our world from all types of accidents and threats for over 50 years. We understand the ASTMF2656-07, PAS 68 & 69 & IWA 14-1 Safety Standards and have crash-tested and crash-engineered (do you know the difference?) products to fit your design criteria and threat levels. Contact your HySecurity Specification Sales Engineer for expert consultation anytime.

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Perimeter Security News is produced by the Specification Support Team.