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March 2021

What is in the Wind?

In perimeter security, we deal with and plan for many different types of threats. Many of them revolve around preventing criminal or terrorist threats, but what often is overlooked is the effect of weather on your perimeter security system, with wind being the most overlooked weather condition. Wind is a powerful force and should be considered when designing and specifying an automated gate system, especially when dealing with a swing gate system.

Swing gates are commonly used to secure perimeters and come in different widths, heights and infill material. The taller, wider and more enclosed the gate is, the more wind the gate will catch. Most swing gates are kept small for this reason with at least 50% open space for the infill material. However more sites are needing larger, solid gates for privacy and security reasons. Not every gate operator is up for that kind of job. Wind loading is a tricky thing for a gate operator to deal with. Wind can act and look like an accidental gate strike with an obstruction. If the gate is a large wind loaded gate, a gust in mid travel could trick the operator into thinking it hit something.

HySecurity has built the HydraSwing product line to be the solution for this very problem. Thanks to meticulous mechanical engineering and advanced built-in software, HydraSwing can decipher the difference between a gust of wind and a potential obstruction in the path of the gate, keeping the gate moving reliably in wind conditions without sacrificing safety.

HySecurity Specification Sales Engineers can work with you to determine exactly how much wind force will affect the swing gate you are designing for your project. Reach out with the length, height, estimated weight and percent of open space on your swing gate panels and a team member will walk you through selecting the appropriate model of HydraSwing.

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