Trade ShowsMarch 13, 2022

At FenceTech 2022, Nice | Nortek Control Show They’re Stronger Together in Delivering Gate and Access Solutions

Showcasing Nice Group’s acquisition of Nortek Control, the merged companies highlighted their gate automation, entry systems, and smart access control products during the three-day trade show.

Global providers of smart home and building solutions Nice | Nortek Control proved once more that they’re stronger together in delivering residential and commercial gate and access products during the recently concluded FenceTech 2022 in New Orleans from Feb. 16 to 18.

Showcasing Nice Group’s acquisition of Nortek Control — and all the brands under its umbrella, including Linear® Access products — in October 2022, the merged companies highlighted their gate automation, entry systems, and smart access control products in a single booth during the three-day trade show.

A wide variety of gate, barrier, entry, and access control for residential, commercial, and multi-dwelling units were put on display. The Linear PRO 3000 XLS Gate Opener, HSLG Heavy Duty Slide Gate Operator, and the SWC -211 Swing Gate Operator, highlighted what the brand does best since 1961. Also on display were access control products such as the EP-736 Telephone entry and the AK-11 Exterior Digital Keypad.

Leveraging on its brands, the company also showcased the Nice | HySecurity Van that contains various commercial gate and barrier solutions. Among the solutions put on display are the Titan 912 and Apollo 816 linear actuators for remote properties, the residential Nice Vanguard 3501 swing gate, the Nice M-Bar traffic control barrier, the 1050 and Mercury 310 controllers for residential slide and swing gates, the HySecurity SlideSmart™ HD25 commercial slide gate, and the Nice | HySecurity SwingSmart™ CNX commercial swing gate.

The Nice | HySecurity StrongArm® M30 crash-rated hostile vehicle mitigation barrier arm was also on display in FenceTech 2022 at the booth of the Controlled Products System Group, a Nice | HySecurity product distributor.

Nice | HySecurity Van
The Nice | HySecurity Van at the Nice Linear booth during FenceTech 2022 in New Orleans from Feb. 16 to 18, 2022.

The show of force at FenceTech 2022 from Nice Group and Nortek Control, which started at the International Builders’ Show 2022 earlier in the month, proved even further how their leveraging in their collective resources puts the conglomerate in a stronger industry position.

The exhibition coincides with the announcement of Nice consolidating this year, which sees the retirement of the Nortek Control name by the end of 2022 and eventual renaming to Nice North America. Brands under the Nortek Control umbrella — 2GIG®, ELAN®, Linear®, Mighty Mule®, SpeakerCraft®, Proficient®, Furman®, Panamax®, Gefen®, Numera®, and Intellivision® —will continue to go to market as wide-ranging brands of Nice along with HySecurity and Abode® , which will remain key long-term brands.

The consolidation ushers in greater integration of products across the Nice portfolio, benefitting its transition to a single-source solutions provider across industries and verticals.

To learn more, read the press release here.

Epi Fabonan III, Rebecca Bosco and Amande Repp contributed to this report.