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February 2021

How to Choose the Right Bollard for Your Project

Not all bollards are alike.

Bollards are often chosen for their aesthetics, anti-ram capabilities and unique ability to protect from both accidental and malicious threats while allowing the free movement of pedestrian traffic. The right bollard for your project will depend on the primary function and crash rating needed for the site.

Bollards are offered in three main forms:

  • Fixed bollards are embedded and fixed permanently into place as part of the structural site design of an outdoor space.
  • Removable bollards have a base that is permanently installed in the ground. These bollards can be inserted and locked into place or unlocked and pulled out, allowing temporary access for maintenance, delivery, or emergency vehicles.
  • Active bollards can be lowered either manually or automatically into the ground. Retractable installations are especially useful in mixed-use public spaces, as they can be raised and lowered for different events or to allow vehicle traffic.

Bollards also have a wide-range of security protection from non-rated to field crash tested to conform with ASTM F2656-07 M30 or M50. Learn more about crash ratings.

  • Non-rated bollards are often installed at parks, retail sites and for protection of guard shacks where some level of security protection is required, but hostile vehicle mitigation is not.
  • Crash-rated fixed & removable bollards are often installed along busy roadways such as the Las Vegas Strip and New York’s Time Square or in front of buildings such as hospitals and banks to protect pedestrians or occupants from accidental or intentional vehicle strikes.
  • Crash-rated active bollards are often installed for flexible protection at critical infrastructure sites such as airports, embassies, data centers, water treatment facilities and other commercial/industrial sites.

When choosing a bollard vendor consider their quality, reliability, and reputation. Not all bollards are alike. You will also want to confirm the installation requirements, costs and warranty details.

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