Use CasesMay 17, 2022

State Veterans Homes — How to Protect them Using Automated Gate Operators?

Many of our elderly and disabled veterans will observe Memorial Day on May 30 from the comfort of state veterans homes across the country. Their loved ones and relatives will drop by to visit them, bringing flowers, food, and gifts for the brave men and women who served in the military in decades past.

As visitors flock to state veterans homes, perimeter security and traffic management are top concerns for states that manage these facilities. Administrators of these homes need to ensure that only authorized family members and staff are allowed inside the facility and that vehicular traffic and parking are managed in an orderly manner. Doing so also ensures that deliveries of much needed supplies and equipment in the facility are conducted in a secure and organized fashion.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, perimeter security and traffic management ensure protection for our veterans from potential intruders or burglars. It also allows for smooth and unhindered entry and egress of emergency vehicles and personnel such as ambulances and fire trucks in case of a fire or medical emergency.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that struck millions of hospitals, medical care facilities, and assisted living facilities, perimeter security and traffic management has become even more important, as these help ensure that infected individuals could not get into state veterans homes and spread disease among the elderly, the vulnerable, and the staff that care for them.

One effective way to ensure perimeter security and traffic management in state veterans homes is through the use of automated gate operators such as those found in sliding and swing gates as well as barrier arms. Sliding and swing gates that can open and close smoothly in a few seconds allow for an orderly entry and egress of authorized visitors and staff in their cars.

With such gates and barriers, delivery vehicles that unload orders of supplies and equipment to the facility can be checked and disinfected in an orderly manner. In case of an emergency, these gates and barriers can open and close quickly to allow for unimpeded entry and egress of emergency vehicles to rescue and provide medical care to our veterans.

Investing in these automated gate and barrier arm operators could save state governments millions of dollars in the long term. Instead of having to employ individuals to open and close gates, that task can be accomplished by a single gate operator effectively and efficiently in whatever weather condition and at any time of the day. Moreover, it can also save state governments money by helping to avoid accidental injuries or deaths from being hit by manually operated gates and barrier arms.

HySecurity, the leading manufacturer of gate and barrier arm operators in North America, has a comprehensive line of such gate and barrier arm products. With most state veterans homes located in residential areas, residential automated gate operators from HySecurity are best suited for them.

The best-in-class SwingSmart™ CNX can be easily installed using the SmartCNX™ Installer app for Android and iOS devices and operates quietly and powerfully using its brushless DC motor technology. It comes equipped with Bluetooth for easy setup and programming and our proprietary HyNet™ technology for remote monitoring, management, and maintenance.

Another residential automated gate operator from HySecurity is the Vanguard 3501 swing gate operator offers a powerful but low profile and quiet solution. It can move gate leaves of up to 1,000 pounds and 20 feet and is very easy to install and maintain. It even comes with a solar option, which is best suited for state governments that simply want to save on electricity costs and promote energy sustainability in their state veterans homes.

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